Business Insurance Program for
Welding Supply Distributors

Premier insurance program for welding supply, industrial
and medical gas distributors and vendors

Leads the Way

In business today, you must not only be profitable, you must also be successful at finding winning solutions for your customers. When it comes to property and casualty business insurance, no program is better at finding winning solutions than The Welding Distributors Partnering Group Program.


We know that your business longevity depends upon the choices you make today. Since 1987 the WDPG has been working with welding supply distributors with uninterrupted service. We are continually changing to meet the unique needs of distributors with insurance products and risk management tools that help distributors control their cost of risk and improve their bottom line.
No other program has served distributors longer than the WDPG program. Our dedication to working exclusively with welding supply, industrial and medical gas distributors and vendors gives us an unmatched understanding of what it takes to meet your property and casualty insurance needs.

Customer Access

The WDPG® has made “being there for you” our first priority.

Easy Program Access: Since our program is open to any independent agency, you don’t have to search for an agent that represents the program. Just E-mail us or ask your present agent to give us a call.

Easy Claim Reporting: A 1-800 hotline makes reporting your claim easy. Just call 1-866-391-9675 Welding Distributors Code 2530 or fax claim data to 973-404-1040

Easy Access to Loss Control Services: The WDPG® Program has experts in loss control strategically placed throughout the country, ready to respond to your needs.

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